how we work

  • Customer makes appointment with G7 at site

    G7 Customer Contact Center make appointment with designer to meet customer at site

    Customer provides details of requirement for their personalized furniture

    Designer measures the site along with other details such as pillar, beam, window, electric outlet, and water

  • G7 designs and proposes price of the furniture

    Designer designs furniture based on the details of actual site

    Customer comments and concludes the desired design

    Customer pays 50% deposit

  • G7 manufactures and makes appointment for the furniture installation

    G7 manufactures furniture based on customer’s approved design within 7 working days

    G7 Customer Contact Center makes appointment on the delivery as well as the furniture installation

  • G7 delivers and installs furniture

    G7 delivers and installs furniture as per appointment

    Customer inspects the quality of the furniture with designer and installer

    Customer pays the last balance of 50% after the work approval

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Service Term & Condition

Furniture Design Service

G7 offers free consultation services and furniture design in G7 systems by designers that possessed 10 years of experiences. This will help to create the furniture that will responds to the needs, usage, and style that matches the customer.

Site Measuring Service

G7 offers free site measurement in millimeters so the furniture design will fit perfectly with the area and helps make the furniture installation easier than before.

Product Delivery Service

G7 offers free delivery service to your homes in Bangkok and surroundings area (Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Samutprakarn, Samutsakorn)

Furniture Installation Service

G7 offers free furniture installation in Bangkok and surroundings area (Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Samutprakarn, Samutsakorn) by experienced installation team in G7 system.

Payment Service

G7 offers an on-spot credit card payment service to help facilitate the customers without the minimum payment requirement.

After Sales Service

G7 has an after-sales service team that will be able to inspect and solve problems effectively and efficiently.

Warranty Policy

G7 has a warranty policy in term of main structure in the period of 10 years. Regarding furniture fitting, the warranty policy covers the period of 25 years according to the terms and conditions as follow:

  • Warranty period from the day of product delivery.
  • To guarantee the product, product and equipment must retain in its working conditions.
  • In case of product damages or destroy due to manufacture and materials for manufacture as well as delivery and installation, G7 will replace the damaged parts without additional charge.
  • The movement of the product as well as the repair, modify, or removal of spare parts by others that have not been authorized by G7, did not remain under the term and conditions of the warranty.
  • In case that G7 inability to find materials or equipment to repair or replace, G7 will find the material with similar qualities and standards to repair and replace to the customer.
  • In case of product claims, G7 will cover only the main structure and equipment, excludes of service fees, delivery, and transport fees.
  • G7 is entitle to the right of warranty, without the displayed receipt from the customer.