G7 is the furniture manufacturer that offers fit to function with Made-to-Measure Furniture System. G7 was establish in 2006 by bringing the furniture manufacture system from Germany. G7 offers services including design, manufacture, and furniture installation. G7 has own manufacturing factory and installation team with over 12 years experiences in Thailand and provided over 1,600 projects in residences, condominium, shops, clinics as well as office buildings.
G7 offers services including design, manufacture, and furniture installation in a fit to space concept. It is divide into 8 types of products categorized by functions.
• Entrance Unit
• Showcase Unit
• Dressing Unit
• Bed Wall Unit
• Teenager Unit
• Learning Unit
• Kitchen Unit
• Utility Storage Unit
G7 uses MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) which is a wooden board that compiles from fibers or crushed wood pieces from natural wood. It will be grind, crush, and press with Short Cycle Press with glue connecting the wood pieces as well as coat with desiccant. It will be press into three layers with highly crush top layers and button layers coated with melamine resin, which is stronger than the normal hardwood. The front layer will have higher strength with higher quality than natural lumber in several areas as follow.
Qualities of MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) are as follow:
• Scratch resistant
• Heat resistant up to 180 degrees celsius
• Burn resistant from cigarettes
• Steam resistant
• Acid resistant
• Fracture resistant
• Easy to clean all the grime
Customers can select
• MFC with over 15 standard colors
• Glass: clear glass, frosted glass, mirror glass, black mirror glass, copper mirror glass, gold mirror glass, and colored glass
• Handle: over 20 selections
• Stone: Granite, marble, and artificial stone
G7 has interior designer teams who are specialized in design full-function furniture based on the needs of the customer with variety of styles. It will also use the standardized materials under a speedy manufacture and installation system that is highly efficient. It will also be able to extend, add, adjust, or move the furniture based on needs of the customer.
G7 provides 10 years guarantee of the product under the company’s term and conditions.
We can manufacture and install the furniture based on the customer’s design by using the materials and standardized system of G7.
It is free of charge for design and site measurement. At present, the services are being offer in Bangkok and surrounding areas.
The design can be adjusted according to the customer with no additional fees.
The delivery and installation fees are free of charge in Bangkok and surrounding areas.
Payment channels
• Bank transfer to company account
• Cash payment
• Payment via debit/credit card
If the product is damage or destroy from the delivery or installation, G7 is willing to change parts of the product without additional charge.
In case of the product is damage or destroy from the customer’s usage, G7 is willing to offer after sales service with additional charge on specific parts.
The standard parts can be replaced within the next working days.
Special parts including glass, stone, fabric, leather, will need the new production of about 7 working days.
G7 Contact Center 027895566
G7 does not have a showroom. The customer can see the sample of the furniture and previous works at www.g7interior.com and the customer can make appointment to discuss additional details with the team at the customer’s site.
The customer can adjust the design with no additional fee, but there might be added or reduced in the value of the products according to the adjusted design.
The customer can cancel the purchase order in case that the product has not start the manufacture process.
It will take approximately 8 working days inclusive of manufacture and installation process.
G7 offers services in relocating and reinstalling of G7 furniture only. The charge rate is 20 percent of the product price.
Before the installation, the technician team will use floor protection to prevent damages of the site.
G7 provides services in moving the original electrical outlet or switch into the appropriated area of furniture without additional charge.
G7 always measures site in detail and uses these data apart in design. G7 specifies detail of the specific areas in the plan for solving the problems during the installation process.
The process prior to the installation is the technician team will remove cornice near the furniture area. After the furniture has been installed, the cornice will be reinstalled back in the appropriated area before final examination of the site.
• Furniture Design Service G7 offers free consultation services and furniture design in G7 systems by designers that possessed 10 years of experiences. This will help to create the furniture that will responds to the needs, usage, and style that matches the customer.
• Site Measuring Service G7 offers free site measurement in millimeters so the furniture design will fit perfectly with the area and helps make the furniture installation easier than before.
• Product Delivery Service G7 offers free delivery service to your homes in Bangkok and surroundings area (Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Samutprakarn, Samutsakorn)
• Furniture Installation Service G7 offers free furniture installation in Bangkok and surroundings area (Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Samutprakarn, Samutsakorn) by experienced installation team in G7 system.
• Payment Service G7 offers an on-spot credit card payment service to help facilitate the customers without the minimum payment requirement.
• After Sales Service G7 has an after-sales service team that will be able to inspect and solve problems effectively and efficiently.
G7 has a warranty policy in term of main structure in the period of 10 years. Regarding furniture fitting, the warranty policy covers the period of 25 years according to the terms and conditions as follow:
• Warranty period from the day of product delivery
• To guarantee the product, product and equipment must retain in its working conditions.
• In case of product damages or destroy due to manufacture and materials for manufacture as well as delivery and installation, G7 will replace the damaged parts without additional charge
• The movement of the product as well as the repair, modify, or removal of spare parts by others that have not been authorized by G7, did not remain under the term and conditions of the warranty
• In case that G7 inability to find materials or equipment to repair or replace, G7 will find the material with similar qualities and standards to repair and replace to the customer
• in case of product claims, G7 will cover only the main structure and equipment, excludes of service fees, delivery, and transport fees.
• G7 is entitle to the right of warranty, without the displayed receipt from the customer

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